A little while ago, I found out my neighbor was taken to the hospital for third degree burns. He's okay now because the doctor knows how to treat that.

This is why you need to be safe near fire, kids! Don't ever play with it, because fire is not a friendly thing. Only aquatic animals and firemen are experienced with handling fire.

(This is you on fire. Notice that you are very sad. Also, you're on fire.)
So I decided to visit him in the hospital and make him feel better. Hospitals LOVE visits from unicorns. Everyone wanted me to heal them but I already used my magic sparkle on macaroni art this morning.

I wanted to bring my neighbor a gift but unicorns don't have any income or creative skills. So I found this dog on the side of the road on the way to the hospital. I've heard that a dog is a nonicorn's best friend. Poor thing looked like he needed a friend.

My neighbor was very excited to see his new dog. He couldn't talk very well because of the pain medication, so I helped him name his new dog, Princess. I made sure his pillow was extra fluffy and then I left so he and his new best friend could get acquainted.

Do dogs show their love by foaming at the mouth? If so, Princess loves his new owner a LOT.

Remember to adopt from a local shelter! Dogs like Princess need love, too. <333