Whaley came over again today! We made a pizza with all of our favorite stuff on it.

Here's the recipe for you nonicorns. You may not be able to pull it off without unicorn magic, but you can try!

First of all, we didn't have any pizza dough. We used a big pancake instead. Then we put tomato soup on it for the sauce. You can add some seasoning like chili powder for flavor.

Then we added our favorite foods. Large krill for Whaley, glitter for me. We both love bubblegum ice cream, watermelon, and lollipops!

Then Whaley put the pizza into the oven. Be careful because ovens are hot! Only aquatic animals should put pizza into a hot oven. Their wet environment protects them.

Then we played outside while we waited for our pizza to finish cooking.

Whaley knew when the pizza was ready. I'm glad he was there to supervise because he is also a volunteer fireman. Safety first, always!
Then my neighbor came home. I offered him some pizza but he was all, "WHO ARE YOU? WHY IS MY HOUSE ON FIRE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OH GOD I'M ON FIRE! HELP!" It was very rude, so we left.

Nonicorns, if you are offered pizza, don't be so rude! Nobody likes screaming and yelling.


Sadako @ Monday, July 12, 2010

Love the flaming unicorn. He rocks! He's welcome at my house anytime.

Dae Dreams @ Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks! I'll come over and we can make cupcakes! <33333